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Bazooka Joe + His Gang


Bazooka Joe + his Gang have been synonymous with bubble gum ever since their debut in 1953, providing an irresistible combination of cheap laughs wrapped around pink, sugary sweetness. This book celebrates the iconic mini-comics that are recognized the world over. The story of Bazooka Bubble Gum is also detailed with extensive essays, including a profile of Wesley Morse, the original illustrator of Bazooka Joe. Included are reproductions of more than 100 classic comics spanning 6 decades, including the complete first series, reprinted in its entirety for the first time, as well as jokes, fortunes, + tiny ads for mail-order merchandise. Like Bazooka Bubble Gum itself, the book is pure nostalgia + guaranteed to appeal to kids + adults alike. Includes 4 bonus trading cards + a genuine wax wrapper that evokes the original bubble gum packaging, like holding an actual piece of Bazooka in your hands! Hardcover. 224 pages.