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Never Mind The Rules: The Alternative Dating Guide For Girls Who Wanna Rock!


Never Mind the Rules is your alternative to the barrage of cookie-cutter self-help relationship books geared towards a set of rules that are intended to work for everyone. This is a frank, honest, sexy + racy dating guide that helps you write YOUR own rules by getting REAL with yourself. It is written with a unique rock n’ roll angle that music fans can enjoy. While doing the research for Never Mind the Rules, authors Susan Hyatt + Lina Lecaro interviewed reputable therapists, rock star chicks, housewives, journalists, polyamorous couples, swingers + best selling author Neil Straus (who wrote the controversial book The Game) + even men they dated.  They reveal personal dating horror stories, successful dating stories, wild + romantic anecdotes + the world of sexual fetishes. They hope you will laugh + cry with them like they do when they watch Sex + The City, Girls, or Girlfriends Guide to Divorce. They navigate dating in a tech-centric world, including online dating, social networking + texting. Their aim is to make you feel as though you are part of a non-judgmental secret girls club of sorts, just like you have with your own personal BFFs. Softcover. 240 pages.


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