Back In Bleck: Blecky Yuckerella Vol. 2 by Johnny Ryan


America’s stupidest + smelliest second-grader is back! Sure, she’s smelly + gross, but she’s got a heart of gold! This is the second collection of Johnny Ryan’s weekly comic strip, Blecky Yuckerella, as seen in the pages of Vice magazine. Blecky is a four-panel gag strip in the tradition of Underworld, Maakies + Nancy, but with much more generous portions of bodily fluids + toilet humor. Blecky Yuckerella is the ugliest girl in the second grade + the only one with three-day stubble. The strip’s cast of characters also includes Blecky’s Aunt Jiggles, her best friend Wedgie, Insanio the Cat + many other absurdist goofballs, like Rich Bucksley (millionaire + “high class idiot”), Unitard (the last retarded unicorn), the pregnant babies (“we’re guaranteed to blow your mind!”) + Quasimodo Rose (the hunchback porn star). Johnny Ryan’s unmistakable blend of politically incorrect gags + social satire is as sharp as ever. 100 pages of black + white comics. Published by Fantagraphics in 2007. Paperback.