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The Annual Black Friday Re-Sale Art Event

The Annual Black Friday Re-Sale Art Event

Treasures from the collections of our collectors

Billy Shire has been in the art game a long time. While I haven’t calculated exactly how many paintings, drawings and sculptures we’ve sold here at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in the last 27 years, I think it would be safe to say that it’s in the tens of thousands.

As the original ground zero of the pop-surrealism explosion, we are routinely offered previously owned pieces from prominent collectors and estates. In years past, We’ve been able to offer some incredible works from some of the originators of lowbrow alongside recognizable museum exhibited work and pieces that can honestly be considered blue-chip contemporary work, but we’ve NEVER had a collection like the one we’ve got this year. We’ve got incredible, original pieces from Robert Crumb, Robert Williams and Basil Wolverton and one of the single most recognizable Gary Baseman paintings. Incredibly, we’ve still got a handful of pieces from the absolute largest offering of never-before-offered Joe Coleman original works presented at one time in over 25 years.

Did you ever think that you might to be able to own an original, published Joe Coleman piece for less than the average annual tax return? Or a published Robert Williams drawing for less than most people pay for rent? Well, you can!

But you’ve got to act fast! When again will it be possible to own a complete Gary Panter comic book for less than two months average salary? At the strike of Midnight on December 31st will be your last chance to write off purchases for next year’s tax return. By purchasing art now, you may be saving yourself money come April!

Contact Matt Kennedy, Gallery Director for availability and purchase info: (323) 666-7667