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Venice Beach: The Last Days Of A Bohemian Paradise


Venice Beach sits on the edge of a knife: gentrification and corporate greed threaten to squash the way of life that has defined Venice for decades. Saguy has documented what could be a lost society should the faces you see here be forced to acculturate. Allow yourself to be mesmerized – as Dotan Saguy has been – by this way of life, before it fades away.

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In capturing the revelations of Venice Beach, Dotan Saguy has created a body of work with unexpected, enthusiastic surprise. His fascination for the colorful, tattooed, costumed community is palpable. His compassionate photographs unabashedly praise the rarity of the unique originals who populate the sands of Venice. With an almost obsessive compulsion, Saguy strives to create perfection using separation and geometry resulting in harmonious scenes of rich detail. His use of layering allows us an insight into the chaos he organizes so beautifully within the confines of the frame.

Dotan Saguy was born in a small kibbutz five miles south of Israel’s Lebanese border. He grew-up in a diverse working class Parisian suburb, lived in Lower Manhattan during 9/11 and moved to Los Angeles in 2003. In 2015 Dotan decided to focus on his lifelong passion for photography after a successful career as a high-tech entrepreneur. Since then Dotan attended the Eddie Adams Workshop, the Missouri Photo Workshop and studied photojournalism at Santa Monica College. Dotan’s award winning photographs have been published by National Geographic, PDN, Leica Fotografie International, ABC News, etc. Most recently, Dotan is a proud laureate of the Photolucida Critical Mass Top 50.

Jamie Rose is an international photojournalist based in Washington, D.C. In her career, she has worked in the Middle East, Africa, South America, Europe and many of the fifty states. She is the CEO of Wildfire Media, a nonprofit organization educating the public through social issue based storytelling.

From the Los Angeles Times, to National Geographic Magazine to Brooks Institute, Gail Fisher’s main focus as a senior photo editor, photojournalist, digital journalist, videographer, editor, producer, manager, teacher, has been in-depth story telling for broadcast, internet and social media. In 2015, Fisher started her own business, Gail Fisher Media, photographing projects for editorial, educational, corporate and NGOs, as well as photo editing book projects and portfolios.

120 pages.