UV Sanitizer + Phone Charger


Ultraviolet to the rescue!

The UV Sanitizer + Phone Charger offers an easy, quick solution to “clean” your phone and other frequently used small items such as jewelry, eyeglasses, and make-up brushes.

This portable sanitizer and charger releases ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 240-280nm. At that level, the eco-friendly sanitizer is 99.9% effective against bacteria and deactivating viruses. With the included wireless USB charging port, your phone – Apple & Android compatible – will be both “clean” and charged.

The Technical Basics:

Maximum Capacity: 6.5″ Screen Phone.
Voltage: DC5V/1-2A.
USB Output: DC5V/0.5-1.8A.
Sterilization Power: 5w.
Working Temperature: -10 – 45 degrees.
Maximum Power: 9w.
UV Wavelength: 237nm.
Wireless Charging: 5w.

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