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Une Semaine De Bonté: A Surrealistic Novel In Collage by Max Ernst


Une Semaine De Bonté is the legendary collage masterpiece of Max Ernst, one of the leading figures of the surrealistic movement + among the most original artists of the 20th century. From old catalog + pulp novel illustrations, Ernst produced this series of 182 bizarre + darkly humorous collage scenes of classic dreams + erotic fantasies which seem mysteriously to lure the unconscious into view. Stern, proper-looking women sprout giant sets of wings, serpents appear in the drawing-room, a baron has the head of a lion, a parlor floor turns to water on which some people can apparently walk while others drown. First appearing in 1934 in a series of 5 pamphlets with fewer than 1,000 copies each, it has never been reprinted before until this present edition from Dover. A great treat for anyone interested in surrealism, collage, visual illusion + the interpretation of dreams. Softcover. 224 pages.

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