Ultraman One: 12 Collective Action Figure


Hailing all the way from Nebula M78, Ultraman joins the One:12 Collective! Ultraman is outfitted in a combat suit powered by his Ultraman Factor + features a light-up Color Timer on his chest. He comes with two light-up head portraits including a Fluoroscope Ray portrait, known for de-cloaking + destroying! Comes with a complete range of attack FX including a Specium Ray hand FX, an Ultra Slash FX + an Ultra Attack Ray FX which fits over his arm. The Jet VTOL, the main vehicle of Science Special Search-Party, is also included + can be held by Ultraman. Recreate a multitude of fight scenes with the scaled breakaway buildings that can be disassembled to look like they’ve been destroyed during battle! Ultraman stands approximately 6 inches tall with over 28 points of articulation.