Cerberus 15″ Squishable


Working dogs are the best! They will happily herd your sheep + then lick your face! They will save Little Timmy, that poor chap always stuck in the wrong end of a well! They can walk on their hind legs in a tutu for your applause + delight! Of these, the most capable canine with a calling is the mighty Cerberus! This triple-noggined pup keeps the inhabitants of Hades from crossing back over the River Styx  + does a darn fine job! How many formerly-dead ancient Greeks have you seen walking around the mall recently? None? Me neither! What does this mean for you? After a long day on guard dog duty, this doggie just want to be like all other doggies- cuddling up with a loving owner, getting its three heads petted + finagling a spot on the bed. Who’s a good boy? You are! Fifteen squishy inches of the right pooch for the job!