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Ice Cream Work by Naoshi


From the mind of Japanese artist Naoshi comes the sweet + charming world of Ice Cream Work. This utterly delicious book tells the story of a humble ice cream cone man whose search for work takes him many places + puts him in challenging situations as he tries to earn a living over the course of a week. Ice Cream Work features surreal characters living in real world situations bursting with color + detail. This book reminds us that everyone has unique traits which make them special + emphasizes the importance of creativity + imagination in daily life. Internationally acclaimed artist Naoshi has created a brilliant + fantastical world of her own full of quirky characters + situations that draw the reader into pages bursting with color. Using shiny colorful sand, known as Sunae in Japan, Naoshi’s distinctive style is instantly memorable and utterly original. In this, her first book for American audiences, Naoshi introduces Sunae through the story, but also in a crafty How to Make Sunae section where she provides a step by step process of making sand paintings like the ones seen in the book. There is also an interactive Look + Find page which challenges readers to spot details they might not have noticed before. Ice Cream Work will delight readers young + old. Hardcover. 6 x 9 inches. Signed by author.

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