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Myron Conan Dyal: Charon’S Pantheon (W/Cd)


Myron Dyal is a modern mystic, a classically trained musician, and a self-taught Southern California artist. He has spiritual visions connected to Temporal Lobe Epilepsy that are the catalysts for the vast oeuvre of his work that spans nearly three decades. His figurative and organic forms are derived from visions he experiences during epileptic seizures and from self-induced trances he encounters on the spiritual journey. Charon has been his spiritual mother, father, friend and guide. Charon acts as a counterbalance to the dark forces, oftentimes restraining them to allow Dyal’s consciousness to recover from their ravages. Flooded with images, Myron renders them in acrylic, graphite, watercolor, and ultimately papier-mache: in large part because the immediacy accommodates his urgency to see objects in three-dimensional form. While developing the concepts for this show, composer and friend Dr. Jennifer Logan developed an aural counterpart for Myron’s creations. Each composition is an harmonic and transcendental representative of each goddess within the pantheon. There is a magic restored in these drawings, in these statues, and in these soundscapes that is otherwise absent from the world. The tangible weight of the materials and the gradual minimalism of the compositions are diametrically opposed to the relative gravity of the pieces combined. The lyrics to the music pieces are culled from random phrases taken from Myron’s autobiography, re-contextualized to match the spirit of each sculpture. This book and audio CD combo recreates the exhibition in one easy-to-travel catalog.64 pages.

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