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Mezco’s Monster Tower of Fear Deluxe Box Set


The Mezco Monsters Tower of Fear Deluxe Set is inspired by the classic monsters of yesteryear! This hair-raising deluxe boxed set has bats, brains, bones + more! With 5 figures + a range of accessories, it also includes a multi-level environment diorama that stands a monstrous 18 inches tall once assembled. Have fun creating a decaying Carpathian castle with a dungeon, a main hall + Frankenstein’s Lab. Each floor has interactive components for each Monster, including a coffin for Dracula, a sarcophagus for the  Mummy, lab equipment for Frankenstein’s Monster to connect to, along with multiple landings for each figure. It also comes in a fabulous giant box adorned with portraits of all the Monsters. A fun set for the monster-lover newbie or the veteran horror addict! Each figure stands approximately 3.5-4 inches tall with 5 points of articulation.

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