Love Is…


First published in The Los Angeles Times in 1970, Love Is… began as Kim Casali’s private love notes to her husband but grew into a worldwide sensation, appearing in newspapers in more than 50 countries and becoming in the process an icon of the 1970s. This new Love Is… book is part of a major relaunch of the unforgettable brand, which is already back in successful T-shirt and slipper lines. The cartoons have nostalgic and kitsch appeal for baby boomers, while younger generations, fascinated by ’70s pop culture, will also be won over by Casali’s simple truths about relationships. In addition to 365 of the most memorable Love Is… cartoons, the book contains the romantic story behind the phenomenon, the first drawing ever published, and an introduction by Kim Casali’s son. With a satin cover featuring a die-cut heart, this charming volume makes a foolproof Valentine’s Day gift.

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