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Little Book of Tom of Finland: Cops + Robbers


Stop, in the name of love! Tom’s taste for police officers + felons developed late in his career. “I’ve never been to prison,” he told a class at the California Institute of the Arts in 1985, “but I hear it’s a closed world where there are different roles + people behave different from when they walk free. It fascinates me. It is another subject I come back to again + again.” By which he meant fantasized about again + again, since only those subjects that aroused him sexually made it into his art. The Little Book of Tom of Finland: Cops + Robbers explores Tom’s fascination with criminal justice through a mixture of multi-panel comics + single-panel drawings + paintings, all in a compact + affordable 192 pages. Historic film stills + posters, personal photos of Tom, sketches, + Tom’s own reference photos make this far more than another Tom’s Comics re-tread. Hardcover. 192 pages.

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