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Laurie Lipton Drawing


A collection of new, astounding drawings by artist Laurie Lipton who draws on canvases that are improbably large using only pencil + charcoal. The images she renders present our modern world in scathing critique. The artwork is part of three ongoing series entitled Techno Rococo, Post Truth, + May You Live in Interesting Times. In these she addresses social media, unchecked consumerism, intellectual decline, environmental catastrophe, + soul-crushing isolation, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Her sprawling phantasmagorias have earned her a broad constituency of fans + collectors, from scholars + aficionados of the Flemish + German Renaissance, to savvy contemporary gallerists + collectors, to filmmakers such as Terry Gilliam + James Scott (who directed the award-winning 2016 documentary about her, Love Bite) + finally to a massive and loyal social-media following. Hardcover. 112 pages.


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