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Gary Baseman’s Toby Stuffed Figure + Print Set


From Gary Baseman’s solo 2005 show For the Love of Toby at Billy Shire Fine Arts comes this fantastic, stuffed pleather figure + print. Measuring 16 inches tall, Toby is a freestanding figure with poseable arms + legs. The companion print, Napoli Toby measures 10 x 8 inches + is frame ready. This is the absolute last Toby we have! It was unearthed from the office of Wacko’s owner, Billy Shire. The print + the doll are both signed + numbered; Toby is number 148 + the the print is number 177. Don’t know why they don’t match, but thems the breaks. There is also a certificate of authenticity if someone doesn’t believe you. Created in a limited edition of 200 by Critterbox, the Toby figure + print are extremely rare + a valued addition to any art collection.

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