Edward Gorey Frawgge Mfrg. Co. 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


What more mayhem could possibly ensue in the drawing room of this mysterious manufacturing magnate? Frawgge Mfrg Co seems to have become a resounding success, if its apparent founder’s handsome top hat + plush, fur-lined overcoat are any indication. But looking stoically down from his portrait on the frog-papered wall, our beloved titan of industry must be wondering what sort of nightmare his success hath wrought. Inside, the tea party looks to have gone horribly awry, while outside we might find ourselves witness to no less than three different homicides. Here is artist-author Edward Gorey (1925–2000) at his darkly mischievous best, portraying a cloud of chaos + doom hanging over the impeccably manicured trappings of a vaguely Victorian society. Thoughtfully conceived + engagingly intricate, Pomegranate’s 1,000-piece interlocking jigsaw puzzles combine superb color reproduction + sturdy construction to delight generations of novice and veteran puzzleworkers. Puzzle is 20 x 27 inches in size.

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