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Daniel Martin Diaz – METAPHYSIK, Mind Game to Inspire Creativity + Creative Exercises


Forging a pathway in our brains between two unrelated ideas or thoughts entails deviating from the expected and familiar. When the invisible thread of connection is first made, it can feel unsettling or awkward, but that tension gives rise to revelation and magick.

It startles us, then helps us envision the world in a new light.

It’s a constructive confrontation with the status quo, the social norms that box us in during creative channeling and other aspects of our lives. Once these unexpected breakthroughs occur, we are opened to greater discoveries in our personal lives and in the world of innovation. How do we move away from patterns and things that feel familiar? How do we create new mythologies and new visions? How can we break out of our ruts? Metaphysik offers methods of dismantling these templates of the normal that we all become accustomed.

It is an instrument to summon the subconscious and tap into the primal creative force in all of us.

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Metaphysik, Mind Game to Inspire Creativity + Creative Exercises includes:

54 Card Deck.
Deck – High Quality Black Linen with Silver Ink, Card Size 5.5″ x 3.25″.
80 page Instructional Book of exercises and essays on creativity written by Coleman Stevenson.