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The Browser by Anthony Ausgang


Famed Low Brow artist Anthony Ausgang steps away from his easel to put a literary twist on Pop Surrealism with his new novella, The Browser. Much of The Browser’s plot + prose is influenced by spam emails that Ausgang himself received; emails not only offering low priced meds or free money, but also, more disturbingly, assassins for hire + blackmail opportunities.  As in Ausgang’s first two books, the main character is Puss Titter, this time playing an art curator at the Cat Museum in the city of Hill Town Eye. The action gets heavily meta when Puss Titter is offered both a painting by the artist Anthony Ausgang + an opportunity to thwart her own death at the hands of an online assassin. Dismayed to find that more than money is expected from her to solve the situations, Puss Titter finally takes the killing into her own hands, making the plot take a surprising turn in The Browser. Softcover. 117 pages. Signed by author.

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