Blighted Eye: The Collection Of Glenn Bray


The Blighted Eye showcases Glenn Bray’s extensive collection of original comic art by the most important cartoonists + underground comic artists. The book features work by a pantheon of cartooning masters, including Charles Addams, Carl Barks, Charles Burns, Al Capp, Dan Clowes, Jack Cole, R. Crumb, Jack Davis, Kim Deitch, Will Elder, Al Feldstein, Virgil Finlay, Drew Friedman, Chester Gould, Justin Green, Rick Griffin, Bill Griffith, Matt Groening, George Grosz, V.T. Hamlin, Jaime Hernandez, George Herriman, Al Hirshfeld, Graham Ingels, Bernie Krigstein, Harvey Kurtzman, Gary Panter, Virgil Partch, Savage Pencil, Peter Pontiac, Charles Rodrigues, Spain Rodriguez, Charles Schulz, Gilbert Shelton, Joost Swarte, Stanislav Szukalski, Irving Tripp, Chris Ware, S. Clay Wilson, Basil Wolverton, Wallace Wood, Jim Woodring, Art Young + many more. The Blighted Eye is the most copious, the most diverse + the most lavish compilation of original comic art ever published- all from the mind-boggling collection of Glenn Bray! Bray was an enthusiast of marginal or outsider American pop culture when he started to collect original comic art in 1965, a time when very few people, including the artists themselves, truly valued the original art. Over the last nearly 50 years, Bray has amassed the most eclectic collection of original comic art in private hands. Published by Fantagraphics in 2014. Hardcover. 410 pages.

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