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Naoshi Sunae Classroom

Naoshi Sunae Classroom

Saturday, June 27th; 2-7 PM.

Using shiny colorful sand, which is called Sunae in Japan, NAOSHI makes Sunae art. She gets inspiration from her everyday life in things such as her favorite sweets, breakfast, weather, and Japanese cultural artifacts.

Last Saturday, NAOSHI’s live demo was so popular, that we brought her back to do it again. She will be here in the gallery creating more of her Sunae artworks and answering questions about her process for a full evening! Starting at 2PM and running past 7PM, table space is limited, so get here early.

We’ll have NAOSHI’s postcards, pin sets and some do-it-yourself Sunae kits available for sale–all for less than $10! What better way to learn than from the master? And of course NAOSHI has a full exhibition on display with many beautiful pieces available for purchase.

Admission is free, but seating and/or workspace will be reserved those who make purchases.

Contact our director, Matt Kennedy, for availability and purchase info: (323) 666-7667


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