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Let There Be GWAR!

Let There Be GWAR 
Book Signing with co-founder Hunter Jackson

Saturday, December 5th 7-10PM

Let There Be GWAR
Book Signing event with GWAR co-founder Hunter Jackson

Saturday, December 5th 7-10PM

Let There be GWAR
will give fans the world over the most comprehensive guide to the greatest band ever created. Covering the beginning of time at The Dairy building in Richmond, Virginia, where the band first met, to their spread across the land like a disease through the 1990s and 2000s, this book is a record and testament to all that is GWAR. Music changed when GWAR entered the arena with their intense performances of blood spewing nuns, ravaging stage shows and outlandish costumes, all while entertaining and awing the growing number of fans across the globe. Let There be GWAR takes you through the GWAR kingdom in photos, band posters, ephemera and interviews, chronicling their albums, comics and video in a blood-stained hardbound luxe book. GWAR fans, known as bohabs, will unite and delight in the wretched world of GWAR through the pages of this monstrous book.

Hunter Jackson and Dave Brockie were co-founders of the infamous GWAR, and Jackson was the artistic inspiration of the costuming, props, and performance they are best known for. With the loss of Brockie last year, Jackson is the last available founding member. As part of the band/artist collective, he performed as the character, Techno Destructo, and currently still uses the character as a wrestler primarily within the growing Freakshow Wrestling group.
Hunter will be happy to sign two additional items for every book purchased at La Luz de Jesus and he’ll have some exclusive merchandise of his own, too!

Let There Be GWAR!
Compiled by by Bob Gorman and Roger Gastman
Retail price $59.95
Hardcover: 360 pages
Publisher: Gingko Press (September 14, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1584235969
ISBN-13: 978-1584235965
Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 9.9 x 1.3 inches
Shipping Weight: 4.2 Lbs.
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Showing throughout the month at La Luz de Jesus Gallery is the very first exhibition of the GWAR (and other) art created by Hunter Jackson. Many of these original art pieces were used as T-Shirts, Stickers, and Magazine covers dating back as far as 1985! These artworks are available for purchase by contacting the gallery director: (323)666-7667 or

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