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Aggro from back in the day, Twisted Roots surfaced in 1981 from the dying embers of the original LA punk scene. Spearheaded by former Nina Hagen and Screamers keyboardist Paul Roessler, ex-Germs, guitarist Pat Smear, and joined by singer Maggie Ehrig, drummer Emil McKown, and bassist Kira, Twisted Roots was notable not only for it’s wildly creative, all-over-the-map Punk music, but also for its members later contributions to other well-known bands. Pat Smear later went on to join Nivana and The Foo Fighters and both Kira and Emil went on to stints with Black Flag. While Twisted Roots’ pedigree may be impressive, its utterly unique music is equally so.Tracks1. Mommy’s Always Busy in the Kitchen2. Pretentiawhat3. The Yellow One4. Snarked5. Pretty Little White House6. James Bondage7. Parade!8. Fill Your Heart9. Are There Cobwebs on My Face?10. I Wanna Be Trendy11. It Must Be the Weather12. YanomamoProduct Code: BA1194-2

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