Tumuaki Green Tiki Mug


“I know Tiki pretty darned well. The “Papa”, the “Godfather” the most revered carver in Tiki is Ben “Benzart” Davis. My 75-year old, long-time friend means the world to me. I speak with Ben often, but not often enough. Tiki Farm is launching the new “Tumuaki”, a traditional Maori design created by Maori-trained sculptor Benzart and turned into a Tiki mug by Tiki Farm. The significance of this piece in any true Tiki collection is important in my opinion. I am grateful to have this relationship with Ben and I am very proud of Tumuaki! It is 100% Tiki. It is not a lowbrow design, it is not a skull, a monkey, a zombie or a shrunken head. I love all of those aesthetics, but at our roots at Tiki Farm are some very traditional Tiki-inspired designs. Such is the case with Tumuaki.” Holden Westland, Owner & Founder

Glazed in a beautiful dual-tone green with hints of yellow and amber, Tumuaki is impressive!

Artist: Benzart
Original release year: 2020
Capacity:  21 oz.
Height: 4 7/8″

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