Shot In The Dark: The Collected Photography Of David Arnoff


Shot In The Dark: The Collected Photography of David Arnoff. “His photos are like the Damned’s music no bullshit.” -Rat Scabies One of the best rock photographers of his generation, David Arnoff has been described by Lydia Lunch as a A renegade misfit from the Rust Belt shooting outcasts who congregate from one ghetto to the next in search of other miscreants to make mischief with. This strictly limited edition of 1500 hardcover (Faux-leather bound and embossed hardcover) collects for the first time over 150 of Arnoff’s raw black-and-white photographs and vividly captures the dirt, sweat, altered states  and  ungodly sounds of some of rock’s most potent players, including PATTI SMITH, THE CLASH, LOU REED, X, GUN CLUB, RAMONES, MINK DEVILLE, BLONDIE, MISFITS & many more. Since the dawn of punk in ’76, David’s work has appeared in just about every righteous music mag in the world, as well as on album covers as iconic as the CRAMPS Songs the Lord Taught Us. Now at long last SHOT IN THE DARK collects the cream of the crop, both classic & previously unpublished, It is 186 heavyweight pages of in-your-face concert shots & intimate portraits all in one big volume. Volume – as in LOUD.This deluxe package is supplemented by personal insights and eye-witness accounts from many of the prime suspects including Motorhead, Nick Cave, X,  Jayne/Wayne County, Walter Lure, & the Dead Boys,  plus a new conversation between Arnoff and Lydia Lunch.SHOT IN THE DARK: THE COLLECTED PHOTOGRAPHY OF DAVID ARNOFF is a powerful visual documentation of this Devil’s music and those who create it. Books signed by the author were available the night of the book signing event. We still have the books, but no signed copies are available. Shot In The Dark: The Collected Photography of David Arnoff Limited to 1500 copies Retail price: $39.99 Faux-leather bound & embossed hardcover. Pages: 186 pages printed on heavy paper stock. Publisher: Sympathetic Press (October 2015) Language: English ISBN-10:ISBN-13: 978-0-578-16747-3 Product Dimensions: 9 x 12 inches Shipping Weight: TBA

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