Scorpion Tiki Bowl


Designed for us by world-renowned Tiki artist Tom Thor Thordarson, Tom decided that it was time that what is historically referred to in Tiki as a Scorpion Bowl was exactly the intended direction. In lieu of the traditional Scorpion stingers, we’re allowing our customers to create their own exotic stinger garnishes. The tails on the Scorpions perfectly house toothpicks which you can garnish as you wish. To the top of the tails, the Scorpion bowl measures 4 5/8 tall and from the widest portion (back of the pedestal area supporting the Scorpions) to the opposite edge of the bowl, it measures 8 7/8 wide. The capacity of this bowl is 36 ounces, making it more than ample for you and a friend or 2 to share a cocktail together.

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