Santa Muerte 8“ Vinyl Figure by Stephanie Buscema


Our Lady of Holy Death. These words perhaps inspire direness, dread, or a sense of sinisterism, but this devotional title belongs to a female saint in Mexican folk Catholicism, one who can impart healing, protection, and safe transport into the afterlife upon the faithful. With her proper Spanish name being Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte, or Santa Muerte for short, she is a religious personification of death, her traditional appearance similar to that of the grim reaper, though sometimes depictions borrow aspects from Mexico’s dapper skeleton-lady La Calavera Catrina. And using this latter aesthetic, a beautified and feminine rendition of death donned in flowers and finery, the Santa Muerte Dunny is a secular, sculptural interpretation designed by artist Stephanie Buscema. Limited edition of 400 pieces.

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