Saber Tooth Tiger Skull Replica


Some of the most terrifying creatures are not born of fantasy, but history. This Fossilized Saber Tooth Skull is a recreation of the remains of the saber toothed tiger, a great hunter and predator that once walked the ancient earth. Every detail is recreated in this replica, from the worn and time-weathered appearance of fossilized bone to the iconic long teeth that marked this animal as a truly terrifying and ferocious hunter. It also comes apart at the jaw. The skull is crafted entirely in hand painted cold cast resin. More than just a bit of history, this Fossilized Saber Tooth Skull is a wicked accent that serves well in gothic decors, where its monstrous appearance will be both eye-catching and frightening. Made entirely from cold cast resin. Hand painted to create a realistic fossil look. L: 13.75 x W: 7.5 x H: 7.5 inches.

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