People Like Us: The Cult Of The Rocky Horror Picture Show


For the past six years Lauren Everett has been working on this project about the subculture surrounding The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s midnight screenings. It’s a truly fascinating world, and these passionate and dedicated folks have embarked upon an unforgettable adventure.In ten different states, Lauren photographed over 140 cast members in their homes and neighborhoods, and attended shows everywhere from Los Angeles to Kansas City, Las Vegas to New York. There have been many books about the Rocky Horror film, but this is the first and only photography project EVER to focus on the people who have preserved this cult classic by keeping it on the silver screen for all these years!Softcover: 140 pages / approx. 8.5 x 11 inchesPeople Like Us – The Cult of The Rocky Horror Picture Show Book Signing, Performance & ScreeningSaturday, November 21st, 2015,6-11 PMThe author/photographer will be signing books purchased here. Songs from the musical will be performed by Claire McKeown (Honey Child), and there will be a screening of Frank-N-Furter’s Shadow and other short films.Only books purchased here will qualify for signing. Reserve your signed copies today!

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