Mow-Mow Red Stain with Black Wash Tiki Mug


Mow Mow is Tiki Farm’s Maori-inspired design. They pulled different elements from what they aesthetically love about the Maori art, especially loving the unparalleled Maori Moku style. If you ever deep-dive Maori carvings online, you are in for quite the visual explosion of amazing creations over time. The green glaze in particular pays tribute to the important jade Hei Tiki carvings and the red is simply a complementary hue to the green and combined, Mow Mow is intentionally presented in the Tiki Farm green and red logo color palette.

Artist: Tank Standing Buffalo
Original release year: 2021
Capacity: 21 oz.
Material: Ceramic stoneware
Height: 6 7/8”

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