Little Vanilla Book: Creating Self-Love & Stiletto Swagger


From self-discovery to self-acceptance, Little Vanilla Book offers mighty insights into becoming your truest, most swaggering self. Author Lux Alani’s fresh take on loving up your heroine and giving her the tools to shine is written with the voice of a bawdy, insightful, bare-hearted poet. Alani combines experience, research, and an unblushing purpose to take readers through the taboo curiosities of the kink world, using the merits of S&M for personal growth. Little Vanilla Book helps women actualize their potential, stiletto up, and reclaim fun. “Taboo-tastic!”-Indie Mirror. “This little must-read book delivers.”-Atlantic AP Media. “This book will help you better love yourself, be authentic, and kick ass. It’s irresistible!”- J. Calvin, M.A. Psychology. “Empowering and beautifully written…”-Penn Book Review.

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