Kooky Gong Tiki Mug


On the Vanuatu island of Ambrym, there is an instrument known as the Tamtam. These tamtams, or slit gongs, serve as drums and are decorated with different faces, all with disk-shaped eyes. The faces represent ancestral figures. French artist & sculptor Tiki Bai created her vision of a Vanuatu Tamtam for us here in the form of our Kooky Gong design, adding her special touch of whimsy! The distinctive style of these Ambrym slit gongs has made them an iconic element of the Vanuatu people. They can be found in museums throughout the world and are also represented on Vanuatu banknotes. Our Kooky Gong measures 8-5/8 in height and has an 18 oz. capacity.

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