Joe Sorren: Paintings And Sculpture 2004 – 2010


Joe Sorrens oil paintings create a surreal mood through soft, eerie imagery, thick Impressionist-inspired brushstrokes, and animalistic figures caught mid-motion. Although the subjects are often childlike, the postures and weariness betray adult maturity, drawing a fine line between the vulnerable and precocious. Sorren’s work has appeared in various publications, including The New Yorker, Time and Rolling Stone. Warner Bros. and Atlantic Records have also used his art. A mural of his adorns an outdoor wall at Heritage Square in Flagstaff, Arizona. This monograph of work from 2004-2010 is published in conjunction with the exhibition Joe Sorren Interruption, for the Grand Central Art Center at CSU Fullerton. (Hardcover, 144 pages, color)

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