Jeff Clayton Throbblehead


Get out the way as Jeff stands ready to rock your fucking face off! As the chaos-causing creator of ANTiSEEN, this 7 inch tall polyresin figure captures Jeff in Destructo Mode. He’s accurately sculpted right down to the flannel shirt, grisly hair + well-traveled forehead. While it’s labeled a Throbblehead, it’s actually Jeff’s arm that does all the movement, punishing everything in sight with his signature barbed-wire bat. “I cannot describe the pride + honor I feel being made into a graven image (or voodoo doll, whichever you prefer) by the fine folks at Aggronautix,” said Clayton. “It’s proof that prayer does work… ‘cuz yours have been answered!” Each Jeff Clayton Throbblehead by Aggronautix is hand numbered. Limited edition of 500. This is a hard piece to find+ is no longer being made. Get yours before they’re gone forever!

Please note: we have had these for quite awhile, so the boxes have some wear + tear. We can send photos to you if you want to see the condition of the boxes.

Only 2 left in stock