Itchy + Scratchy ‘My Bloody Valentine’ Kidrobot x The Simpsons Vinyl Art Figure


They fight, they bite. They bite + fight + bite. Fight, fight, FIGHT! Bite, bite, BITE — it’s The Itchy + Scratchy Show!

Vinyl art toy legends Kidrobot have produced another masterfully detailed, vinyl collectible in tribute to cartoon juggernaut The Simpsons! Inspired by the ‘My Bloody Valentine’ episode of The Itchy + Scratchy Show, this deluxe figure set captures the gory, macabre humor of the inseparable, yet irreconcilable duo. After removing it from a classic box of chocolates, Itchy gleefully holds Scratchy’s beating heart in hand. Hole in chest + ruthlessly duped, Scratchy looks on in dismay after reading the headline of his newspaper — YOU NEED A HEART TO LIVE. These figures measure approximately 8 inches + come in a retro, TV style box. What’s not to love?



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