Henry & Glenn Forever And Ever


Starring notorious muscle-bound punk/metal dudes Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig (with a little help from soft rockers Hall and Oates), Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever is a love story to end all love stories. And here for the first time is the complete compiled collection of the graphic novel that details the fictitious romance of these real-life music icons. Henry and Glenn are very good friends; they are also roommates. Daryl and John live next door; they are Satanists. The 20 short stories about their domestic life that follow offer a true testament to the power of love to overcome even the biggest, manliest egos of our time. Follow along as Henry and Glenn go to therapy together, battle an evil cult in the forest, and profess their love between dealing with repeated jealousy and normal relationship problems. This tongue-in-cheek graphic novel satire is filled with adventure, subtle references, and humor, and the book also features dozens of pinup art and full-color covers from the original series. 256 pages.

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