Hammer Flask


Now you can choose – work or get hammered? Now you can do both at the same time! The stainless steel hammer holds a few ounces of your favorite beverage in a rust proof container inside of the hammer flask. This makes a great gift and should be a must have for all do it yourself handymen! Our Hammer Flask & Bottle Opener & Ice crusher has everything you need all in one handy, unique tool. The rear of the hammer head is shaped like a bottle opener rather than a nail puller. While drinking on the job isn’t recommended, if you are doing some repairs at home it is perfectly ok! Just flip the hammer over and pop open a cold one. The head itself is stainless steel and can be used just as well as any other hammer on the market. It also doubles as an ice crusher! The rubber handle prevents slipping even after a few drinks. Novelty gift only, always drink responsibly.

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