France: Travel Posters Coloring Book


From the majestic heights of the Alps to the sunny beaches of the Riviera, France has long been a magnet for visitors. With its generally mild climate, ancient history, and beautiful, varied landscapes, the country boasts all the raw materials necessary for a first-rate vacation.In the early twentieth century, France established itself as a flourishing hotbed of modern European art and culture. Advances in transportation systems made travel through the country easy, and tourists came in droves. The country’s railroad companies and tourism organizations hired artists to produce beautiful posters of scenic highlights, hoping to attract visitors to their little part of paradise.For your coloring pleasure, this book contains line drawings tracing twenty-two of these early French travel posters. The original full-color posters are shown as small pictures on the inside front and back covers. Maybe you’ve been to one or more of these places, or maybe you’ll visit them someday. Which places seem most appealing to you? Which poster designs attract your attention the most?When you color in the line drawings, you can copy the original colors or you can come up with your own enticing palette. We’ve also left a blank page in the back of the book where you can create your very own sensational travel poster. Perhaps you could draw one featuring a landmark in your hometown, or in a place you’d like to go. Whatever you choose to draw, when you finish, don’t forget to put down your crayons and exclaim in true French fashion, “Voil

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