Classic Dining: Discovering America’S Finest Mid-Century Restaurants


Jump into this virtual time travel machine of a book and teleport yourself back to an era when dining out meant elegant evening wear, white tablecloths and poker-faced waiters in tuxedos, all surrounded by softly lit, wood-paneled interiors. Classic Dining: Discovering America’s Finest Mid-Century Restaurants takes you on a tour of classic, continental-style, fine dining establishments, both past and present. All those scrumptiously smokey, historic steakhouses, chandeliered lounges, and ornate Polynesian palaces that once thrived in U.S. cities large and small (and the ones that still persevere) come to life through vibrantly glossy, exclusive new and vintage photography. Cultural and architectural historian Peter Moruzzi lovingly celebrates the mid-century restaurants that continue to survive in New York, Miami, New Orleans, Las Vegas, the Chicago area, Los Angeles, and across America.

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