California Deathrock (Pre-Order)


For nearly a quarter of a century, Amelia G and Forrest Black have been documenting subculture in America. Their work has been published by everyone from Rolling Stone to Playboy and, of course, the seminal publication they are best known for, Blue Blood. Their remarkable portraits benefit from a combination of social anthropology and celebration of community, simultaneously presenting documentary and aspirational artistic ideal. The hallmarks of their distinctive photographic style are viscerally saturated colors and an extraordinary talent for finding intense star quality in their often unusual subjects. Amelia G did her undergraduate work at Wesleyan University and graduate at University of Michigan. Her thesis was a cross-cultural deconstruction of vampires in popular culture. Forrest Black is an award-winning designer whose work has been covered by venues from Print to MTV. He likes black cats and beer. Home base is Los Angeles.California Deathrock was initially funded by Kickstarter, and is available only in very limited quantities. Both authors will be present to sign books and discuss the scene they’ve been covering for twenty-five years, and trust us–their stories are good!

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