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Anthony Ausgang – The Pawnee Republican: A Skirt Chaser In Slacktown


Famed Low Brow artist Anthony Ausgang steps away from his easel to put a literary twist on Pop Surrealism with his new novella, The Pawnee Republican. After receiving countless spam e-mails offering meds without a prescription and you-have-already-won lottery prizes, Ausgang realized that the e-mails all had quotes attached from non-related texts in order to thwart spam filters. For five years Ausgang saved all of the e-mails that contained scrambled texts from porn to appliance owner’s manuals to works by Charles Dickens. With his prose and plot based on this chaotic gibberish, Anthony Ausgang has created a bizarre world that takes advantage of both the garbled classic literature and the random word-generating websites favored by spambots.The Pawnee Republican brings the pathos of archaic Romance novels firmly into the 21st century, effectively causing Project Gutenberg to freeze and crash. This unique combination of archaic doctrines and psyber-tropic modernism makes The Pawnee Republican required reading for anyone who has ever inherited a million dollars from someone they never met or won a lottery they never entered.Softcover. 136 pages. 8 x 5.2 x 0.3 inches.

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