3-Eyed Monster 8” Dunny by Keith Haring


The 3-Eyed Monster Dunny by Keith Haring is the first of a series by Kidrobot exploring Keith Haring’s most recognizable images. Sold out through Kidrobot, add this 8 inch Dunny to your collection before it’s too late! Limited to 750 pieces worldwide.


Keith Haring was an iconic pop artist and graffiti artist inspired by the New York City street culture of the 1980s. Inspired by the originality and spontaneity of spray-paint graffiti, Haring began producing chalk drawings on blank NYC Subway advertisement boards. As his career progressed, his art spread to other mediums and he rose to the top of the art world with mass appeal. Haring continued to create public art with the intention of making art accessible to all.

Haring was involved in numerous charities and causes and hosted drawing workshops for kids around the world. After being diagnosed with AIDS in 1988, he founded the Keith Haring Foundation. His later works leading up to his death in 1990 contained political and societal statements that encapsulate the era.



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